You’re Next is white-knuckled heart- pounding nonstop horror at it’s best

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August 22, 2013


“You’re Next” is the quintessential horror movie of the slasher kind. It is difficult to tell too much about this narrative other than that it is filled with gore and chocked full of surprises and white-knuckled, heart-racing fun. “You’re Next” is one of 2013 LA Independent Film Festivals best scary movie entries.

Writer, Simon Barrett and director, Adam Wingard, take us to a familiar setting — a sparsely-populated summer resort town in a heavily-wooded area, where a lovely family gather at their summer getaway-villa for a reunion. Our creator’s then add a puzzle of twist and angles that will knock your socks off. In hills that have eyes, straw dogs busily silence lambs that not only bite, but walk upright, on their hind legs.

The original score by, Mads Heldtberg, Jasper Justice Lee, Kyle McKinnon, will keep the hair on the back of your neck standing tall. The cast, led by Sharni Vinson, playing the role of Erin, has a grand time scaring us to exhaustion. Vinson, Star of “Blue Crush 2” and “Step Up 3D”, may have found herself a new franchise in “You’re Next”.

Too much said will spoil your fun. So, if you’re a scary movie enthusiast and like psychological social subjects in your horror, with an added tongue-in-cheek– approach to slasher gore, you’re gonna love this one. Get ready, get set…You’re Next!! (or “The Slaying by the Lambs?”)

Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some sexuality/nudity

Director: Adam Wingard
Writer: Simon Barrett
Stars: Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, AJ Bowen

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