Sundance Film Festival 2014 riding the waves for 30 years and looking good



Sundance Film Festival 2014 riding the waves for 30 years and looking good

March 1, 2014 8:26 PM MST

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This years Sundance Film Festival 2014 continues to ride the mighty waves of change and growth in grand style as it celebrated its 30th year anniversary in Park City, Utah. As Robert Redford, founder and president of Sundance, gently allows the festival to stand and continue with his trusted cabinet taking charge, focuses on creating more opportunities for artist. The 2014 SFF sported 119 films out of the 4000 entries. As usual Park City was abuzz with celebrities, film makers, producers, journalist and film enthusiast. When attending Sundance Film Festival there is a sense of college community and symposium of cultural arts for everyone. The participants and the attendees honor each other and the experience is devoid of racism, sexism, ageism, political or financial status. SFF is a safe zone set more than 12000 feet above sea level in a quiet historical mining village which is also seasonally a world class ski resort. This lofty place is a space where an artist can cultivate and realize their artistic dreams.

To think that 30 years ago independent films were considered by most to be a low budget near-do-well means of getting a film made. Few people saw the true value of the the independent artist movement. Since 1978 Robert Redford has nurtured and led the Sundance organization dedicated to the art of Independent Films. Sundance from its inception has cultivated a plethora of artist to become major voices in our society, many of which have been nominated for the Oscar. Robert Redford’s Sundance has been one of the primary organizations to help procure and develop the purity of and give flight to the voices expressed and created by the independent stage, music, and film artist. Now three decades later the major film industry works feverishly to capture this purity by joining in on the making and-or distributing of independent films. Today independent films, documentaries, narratives and shorts, stand side by side with major films and they are created by any artist who can muster the team and the means to create them.

At the opening press conference Robert Redford, after elegantly speaking on this years Oscars and his views on how the business works, set the record straight on what the intention and purpose of Sundance is. Here is the link to the press conference:

This year’s Sundance featured a cavalcade of beautiful new voices and ideas in every category.

After ten days of screening films from dawn to dusk in over a dozen theaters throughout Park and Salt Lake Cities, the selected panel and the audience decide the festival winners. The judges, comprised of film makers, reviewers, celebrities and past winners, present the awards in their given categories.

Here is a link to this years Awards ceremony and 2014 Sundance Award winners:

At the closing night awards and after party delicious healthy food was served along with beverages and 80’s music that led to a heightened frenzy of major dance moves from all in attendance until just after midnight. A great time for all.

For anyone who would like to be inspired and feel the annual renewal of the growing industry of Independent Films, you must treat yourself to this ten day festival. The beautiful resort of Park City, Utah welcomes all who come to witness the unveiling of these new works and new ideas ranging from features to documentaries, short films, New Frontiers, exhibits and panels.

As faithful and helpful as always, the volunteers and festival workers treat film-goers with honor and grace to insure their experience is a warm and memorable one…. even in the beautiful snow and chilly weather.

The “de╠ünouement” of each years festival is a two day showing of the festival winners. The “Best of Fest” runs for one day only, on closing day from morning till early evening. On the day after closing, the locals get a day to themselves in which festival films are shown at festival theaters as a thank you to the citizens who host so beautifully each year.

This is the last year that Founder Robert Redford will preside over the festival. He will remain an advisor as he moves on to create more possibilities for artist. He already has in the works Sundance New York and Sundance London. Moving into his position as head of the Sundance Film Festival Park City, Utah is John Cooper ( Director of Sundance Film Festival) and Kari Putnam ( Executive Director Sundance Institute).

Sundance has grown up and has legs of its own now. No doubt that the great new voices of independent film will continue to be led by Sundance and the examples it provides. To become a member, subscribe, or donate, please go to:

You can also visit the Sundance website to see year round activities of new voices in films:

Inspiration has always been a constant component of Sundance. Whether you are a budding or seasoned artist, you will find your voice at Sundance and If you do not see your ideas being expressed, Sundance is the place you may begin to give them flight.

Sundance Film Festival is sponsored by many organizations primarily: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Sundance Channel, Accura, and HP.

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