Redwood Highway is both heartwarming and courageous

A feel-good movie


August 21, 2013


How do we cherish longevity? How do we give credence to the wisdom and richness of having lived and survived, able to continue the exploration of this life? It is a testament to this gift of life, to never lose the wonder and excitement of each moment we live. Yet in much of our society we primarily focus on the wonderful possibilities during our youth. Ironically we do this to ourselves while cherishing with wonder the longevity of non-human existence; such as an old building or an old classic car or yes an example, the Redwoods.

“Redwood Highway”, the movie, dares to ask the question in a beautiful all too familiar tale of compassionate compromise between generations and loved ones. Marie, played beautifully by Shirley knight, with particular attention to every detail, lives in a retirement home some distance from the place she loves. Although she has made friends with whom she can share stories of her past and her hopes in life, she longs to spend her golden years in a place called Bend; no doubt her home. She is a spitfire and at 85, has the inner reality of a girl in her 30’s-40’s and in decent shape to display it,

If we are smart, we will take a cue from Marie, and many of the other characters in this screen play; to be insightful and realize the wealth in the old adage…. “Age is only a number”. So simple and yet so profound.

Marie shows us as beings, we never lose the excitement and joy of our youth. In fact, it is only a thought away. She shows us that yes the body does eventually ware down, as does everything around us, and is in a constant state of decay and renewal. She displays how she can will her body to do some of the things she has always done, given the condition of the body she is in.

On the other hand, she also has issues with compromise and seeing things from another’s prospective. Although this obviously has helped her to survive and live a long life, it is both a gift and a problem if not balanced with discernment and the ability to make amends.

Wisdom is what often comes from having lived a full life, whatever that is. It is different for every human being. The sharing of that wisdom through love, courage, and discipleship to the good that guides us, is what Marie stands to gain in this another chapter in her existence.

Redwood Highway is pure joy to watch, Every actor serves the piece with a stand-out-performance; with a special nod to Tom Skerrit. If you like warm gentle coming of age stories, see Redwood Highway and yes bring some tissue.
Opens everywhere soon.

This film is rated G for general audiences.
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Redwood Highway
Directed by Gary Lundgren
Written by Gary Lundgren & James Twyman Cinematography by Patrick Neary Produced by James Twyman & Gary Kout

Starring: Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt and James le Gros,

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