‘One Chance’ is the ‘Rocky’ movie for the opera singer


December 31, 2013


Say what you will about the highly rated talent show programs that have captured the worlds attention over the past decade, but the move from television to the giant screen in the new film,” One Chance” proves that the phenomenon will successfully cross over to capture us once again.

This time we start with a winner’s life long journey to the finish- line. “One Chance” chronicles the life of a singer, Paul Potts, who may have never been heard of nationally had it not been for the show created by Simon Cowl entitled, “Britons Got Talent”. This bio-pic is based on the life story of amateur turned professional opera singer.

“One Chance” is a touching account of Paul’s life as a boy growing up being misunderstood by his father and bullied by his peers for his love of singing Opera. Even though he has his mother and a handful of loyal friends, the majority of his younger life is filled with ridicule and disdain. We witness the trials and tribulations he suffers through that would make most people simply give up.

How much of this narrative account is true and how much is enhanced is really not important here. For what you take away from watching Paul’s struggle towards greatness is, the importance of never abandoning your dreams, no matter what. “One Chance” shows how we all have a path and an innate assignment within our very creation. Some of us never realize what that is and some of us know it from the time we can speak. But whether it is sooner or later, more likely than not, it will be the journey towards living out your dreams that will enrich, not only the goal you achieve, but the living your life to the fullest. Check Local Listing for showtimes.

Director: David Frankel
Writer: Justin Zackham (screenplay)
Stars: James Corden, Alexandra Roach, Julie Walters

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