October proves to be a wonderful month for great movies

happenings and previews of more to come that you may enjoy


October 8, 2013

Fall is here and with it comes the smell of Autumn. Pumpkins are ripe for harvesting. We eat them in soups and pies even ice cream. We carve them into ghoulish faces for the Halloween eve that approaches at the end of the month.This originally pagan holiday season has become a big part of our American custom.

So it goes as we approach yet another holiday season starting this month and going through the first of next year. Knowing this the entertainment industry goes into full tilt sharing with us many entries and options to experience. There are some great movies, plays and amusements to keep us entertained, inspired and maybe just a little more enlightened about our existence here on Earth.

October proves to be a wonderful month for great movies and amusement options. Here are some happenings and previews of more to come that you may enjoy.

Hollywood Black Film Festival

This years Hollywood Black Film Festival provided Los Angeles with many inspiring films and events. Although there were not many feature length films there were plenty of short films. These films were not only from hollywood and the US but from from all around the world. Of the few features two of them had academy award winner Jennifer Hudson as the star. Jennifer Hudson proved her diversity by play two completely diverse roles proving that she is a force to be reckoned with.


The W Hotel

The Hotel W is a New addition to the Hollywood scene. Catering to the young and hip crowd, it has a very modern decor along with a few very fashionable restaurants. Half of the hotel is a permanent residential apartment building> Both the hotel and the residence are located on the southeast corner of Hollywood and Vine. The property is stunningly beautiful and features spectacular views and rooftop gardens.

On Sunday evenings the beautiful spacious lobby becomes a jazz club with three story ceilings, glass walls, red drapes and beautiful white lounge chairs. You can enjoy the concert either at the bar- restaurant adjacent to the lobby which sports an outdoor section with comfortable chairs and giant torches blazing in the night air. It is the W hotel which housed the HBFF registration and talk-back meetings and workshops.

Stargazer Project

Project Stargazer is a new addition to the Hollywood Black Film Festival event. focusing on developing new and varied stories or science fiction and outer space.

This year there were actually members of NASA many of whom were African American and were there to speak on the subject of where outer space and science may be going.

The meetings were held in the beautiful conference rooms on the second floor of the W Hotel. Available were pamphlets and take-aways from and about the NASA project.

The panel speakers from NASA mentored and answered questions that would enable the young screenwriters and producers to envision a new tomorrow in their Ideas when creating. The new voices of African American filmmakers are ever growing with each year and the stories they may tell are limitless.

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