‘Leaves of the Tree’ where there is faith there is renewal

New Independent Movie, Italian-Catholic, Beautiful Suspenseful, Operatic, Dramatic


July 1, 2015


“Leaves of the Tree”, the new Film By Director, Ante Novakovic, is indeed about faith and renewal. Beautifully shot by, John Schmidt, with a score to warm your soul by, Randy Edelman, “Leaves…”, is a romantic and almost operatic love song of Grace. The subject is profound healing verses greed and power. With thematic elements reminiscent of ‘The Garden of Eden’ and ‘The Fountain of Youth’, here man is once again tempted to cross the line between humanity and Divinity. A subtle plot point in dialogue raises an interesting question, when a priest implies that Christ was crucified on a tree rather than the symbolic cross he is holding.

Olive trees are abundant in the groves of Italy yet this tree runs red sap when a branch is broken from it’s limbs. The bigger question, like in the fountain of youth, what is it exactly, that heals? Does it start and end with the wound or the degeneration of the corporal body and it’s parts? If all that is too deep for an evening at the cinema, you may simply enjoy the beautiful landscape, the soul soothing music, and the poetic romantic Italian language, as each has the essence of the message, divinity and faith running through the vain’s of this quiet gem.

The Cast is composed of a beautiful ensemble. Some stand- out performances are, Eric Roberts as the ailing and pensive Patrick, Ozman Sirgood, a delicious villain, Don Diego, Federico Castelluccio as the lovingly mysterious Dr Ferramonti, Sean Young a sensual Sweetness, and the perfect would be young lovers, Kresh Novakovic as Hank and Marrisa Brown as Roberta Ryan. The rest of the principal cast including the cameo apearance of Armand Assante, are superlative.

Rated: PG for minor adult content

Director: Ante Novakovic
Writers: David Healey (as D.J. Healey) , Ante Novakovic, Stars: Eric Roberts, Sean Young, Armand Assante |

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