‘Landing Up’ homeless and alone a young women’s quest for love




By: CBR Contributor, Keeland Bowers

Landing Up is a dark, yet heartfelt, story about resilience, love, and the will to dream even when the world tells us not too. Chrissie (Stacey Maltin) is a young wild child living on the streets of New York City with her best friend Cece (E’dena Hines). Utilizing their good looks, Stacey and Cece con strangers in an unbeknownst exchange of sex for a roof. When Chrissie meets David (Ben Rapport) she starts to fall for “the good guy” and now she must decide to tell him the truth or continue to craft her masterful façade no matter the cost. The film is beautifully shot, the audio is near-flawless, the editing is masterful, clear, and concise. Everything about this movie screams dedication to the craft as its technical chops are outstanding.


Stacy Maltin does an excellent job as Chrissie; her struggle through the city is palpable, and the on-screen dynamic between Maltin and Hines is touching.    Even though at first we may find ourselves annoyed by Chrissie, it quickly became obvious that everything about this character is not what it seems.   She is incredibly resourceful, cunning (terrifyingly so), and most of all resilient.   Chrissie’s journey is as wild as she is, but through it, we see the harrowing dangers, complications, and tribulations of the street.   Kudos to Dani Tennenbaum for an amazing directorial debut.   As well as cinematographers Claudio Rietti and Aharon Rothschild, for the beautiful images that elevate the narrative. RIP Shooting Star, E’dena Hines 1982-2015

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Credit: Landing Up Film

Landing Up premiered Wednesday, June 7th, 2017, at the Dances with Films Festival at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  Purely Independent -5/5 stars.

Rated: R

Director: Daniel Tenenbaum
Writer: Stacey Maltin
Stars: Stacey Maltin, E’dena Hines, Ben Rappaport, Dov Tiefinbach

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