Arclight Cinemas host 3rd annual international documentary film festival

The Arclight Cinema will host the “Documentary Film Festival” 2013


October 10, 2013

Each year the independent film market grows ever larger as documentarians and storytellers around the world give voice to events and ideas that otherwise might never make it to the social masses. With social media continually connecting the world’s population and turning it into a village community, it is the independent film festival circuit that has done the most to create this phenomenon when it comes to the art of filmmaking.

The Arclight Cinema will host the “Documentary Film Festival” 2013. Now in it’s third year, the “Documentary Film Festival” is the largest of its kind in southern California. Having over 250 submissions this year alone with only 25 chosen, you are guaranteed to see some powerful accounts of our combined human experience. Here are a few titles entries chosen,” Let the Fire Burn,” “The Square”,”A River Changes Course,” “The Other Shore,” are just a few of the magnificent titles to enjoy.

The winners of the festival will be announced on Sunday Oct 13, 2013 at the end of the last showing. The grand prize winner will receive $10,000 along with the possibility of major independent distribution.

Arclight Cinema is a premier theater of industry standards and are the founders of the annual “Documentary Film Festival.” They are overjoyed at the success and growth their platform provides for these essential and talented filmmakers. “The Documentary Film Festival” runs from Oct 9-13 2013. For a full listing and descriptions of the “Documentary Film Festival” and festival films schedule, Please go to the following web address:

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