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‘Europa Report’ is beautifully executed bone chilling fun sci-fi thriller

Europa Report AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES August 2, 2013 Rating: In the great tradition of “2001: A Space Odyssey”, “The Abyss”, and “Aliens”, “The Europa Report” once again allows us to experience the dream of exploring vast worlds outside of our element, worlds where no person has ever gone before. Europa,…


The Dark Side of Love

Indie Movie AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES July 21, 2013 Rating: Jorge Ameer is a progressive new young filmmaker. He knows what he wants and he is prolific in getting it onto the screen. He is a power to be reckoned with as a future filmmaker. Although this is a film suited…


You’re Next is white-knuckled heart- pounding nonstop horror at it’s best

Horror Movie AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES August 22, 2013 Rating: “You’re Next” is the quintessential horror movie of the slasher kind. It is difficult to tell too much about this narrative other than that it is filled with gore and chocked full of surprises and white-knuckled, heart-racing fun. “You’re Next” is…

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