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‘Through a Lens Darkly:’ rare historical photographs of American culture

Documentary of American cultural history through Photography AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES March 7, 2014 Rating: Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of A People”, a documentary Directed by Thomas Allen Harris, is indeed stunning and provocative. In an era where much of early African American history and culture…


‘Pushing Motherhood’, the pros and cons of later pregnancy

New independent movie, Documentary, Women Discuss Later Pregnancy, Motherhood and/or Career AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES October 10, 2015 Rating: “Pushing motherhood” explores today’s women’s right to choose if or when to become mothers. In an age when both men and women choose to strive for productive careers expressing themselves in early…


‘Kidnapped For Christ’ a riveting new documentary

Documentary, Religious AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES February 7, 2014 Rating: A ClentBowersReview “Kidnapped For Christ”, is a documentary about a youth- camp located south of the United States where American evangelical parents can send their children, considered disobedient, for correction. Co-Writer, Director and Star, Kate Logan, a Christian university student of…


‘Becoming Bulletproof’ is delightful and packs a powerful metaphor

New Indie Documentary AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES October 14, 2014 Rating:      “Becoming Bulletproof”, is a documentary that entertains, enlightens, and lifts up high all who witness it. This new independent film is an old fashioned western that takes you both “back in the day” and forward to “new horizons”. When the…

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