‘Philomena’ a heartbreaking heartwarming true story of a mothers love

Dame Judi Dench In Biopic ‘Philomena’


November 26, 2013


“Philomena”, staring Dame Judy Dench, is a true story of a young woman who turns a tragic life of loss and regret, into personal redemption and social triumph. Set in Ireland 1950’s, Philomena becomes pregnant after her first encounter with a young man. Philomena is sent away to a convent where young women have been sent out of family disgrace.

In the convent, the young women live chaste lives. To atone for their sins, they study religion and work in a large laundry facility. When a baby is born it is immediately taken away from its mother. Afterwards, the young mothers are allowed to see their children one hour a day. As one would expect, many of the children are put up for adoption. The young mothers never see their children again.

In the beginning we met Philomena in her senior years, longing to find her son. Her daughter, Jane (Anna Maxwell Martin), enlists the aid of the famous, although reluctant, journalist, Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan). The discoveries that follow unfold mountainous hurdles Philomena must endure in order to uncover the truth about her son’s whereabouts. It is a journey only a mother’s love can endure. Dame Judy reveals great humor, irony and unconditional devotion in her quest. Judi Dench is a fearless teacher of determination coupled with humility and grace in her depiction of Philomena’s courageous journey.

The Weinstein Co. has been in the forefront of bringing us films about beautiful and relevant aspects of our humanity; “Philomena”, the charming and a heart-warming story of a true hero is no exception. “Philomena” Opens Wednesday, November 26, 2013, in a theater near you.

Rated R: For adult subjects and language.

Director: Stephen Frears: Writer: Steve Coogan (screenplay), Jeff Pope (screenplay), Martin Sixsmith (novelist)
Stars: Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Sophie Kennedy Clark

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