‘OVO’ is a spooky science fiction short film

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February 7, 2014


Ova, a Slamdance featured short, is the work of science fiction futurist Mahai Wilson. Part animation and all surreal, this narrative takes us to an abandoned ghost town of a planet seemingly just after it has been used for a battlefield. A spaceship marooned with only two soldiers and a captain surviving. Shortly after the beginning you understand that the other survivors have been eaten by the three remaining and the carnage is about to continue when something other-worldly occurs. At this point the story embarks on what could be the making of either a really cool video game or an interesting sci-fi feature dealing with human interaction with other worlds or human transformation to survive in other worlds. Either way you are intrigued by the images and possibilities of this skin crawling thriller.

Directed by: Mihai Wilson
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Marcella Moser … (writer)
Mihai Wilson … (writer)
Davide di Saro … (co-writer)
Cast: Stacy Lundeen, Kazumichi Nakashima, R.G. Stone

To view the ‘ OVO’ trailer : https://mixbit.com/v/2wCVnoiF8fEGRLnmroOiLS
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