Escape from tomorrow you will never look at Disneyland the same



Escape from tomorrow you will never look at Disneyland the same

October 12, 2013 12:54 PM MST

Escape From Tomorrow DisneyLand vacation gone terribly wrong Rated PG13


“Escape From Tomorrow” is a one-of-a- kind experience you will want to have again and again and again. Randy Moore has written and directed a tour-de-force cathartic adult fairy-tale/nightmare-thriller born of his childhood subconscious memories juxtapose the gothic animated children’s movies of the 50’s and 60’s and the fantasy theme parks parents take children to, only this anit no children’s fairy tale.

Imagine your average traditional family of four, mom, dad, young boy and his younger sister going on their all American annual summer vacation to the happiest place on earth;

Every family knows the trials and tribulations of organization between husband and wife and the high energy of the children boosted with the electric excitement of the crowded theme park experience especially the worlds favorite, Disneyland.

Our story begins as the family arrives to the Disney Hotel. As the family try’s to settle in before going to the park, Dad gets a call on his cellphone. When he sees who it is, he steps outside on the balcony to take it. It is this phone call that catapults this family experience into a journey unlike any other we’ve yet to experience.

When an artist is able to take the sum total of a particular set of experience in their life, and successfully redirect that experience in an art form that is cathartic for both the artist and the audience, the result is the very core of what makes an outstanding work.

Shot in Guerrilla style, writer-director Randy Moore, aligns himself with brilliant collaborators. Cinematographer, Lucas Lee Graham, Editor and Producer, Soojin Chung, Composer Abel Korzeniowski, the production designer: Sean Kaysen, Lawrence Kim and sound designer: Paul Andre’ Fonarev, David Lankton. The poster and advertisement are also amazing.

“Escape From Tomorrow” is ideally cast with a nuclear family led by Roy Abramsohn, playing Jim, as dad. Abramsohn takes us as close to a state of horror and animated nightmare as humanly possible while keeping himself solidly grounded, steeped in the reality of each moment.

Right at his side is Elena Schuber, playing Emily the every mom. She multi-task as all mothers do, minding the children, the park, and their holiday time, all while keeping an eye on Jim. She suspects something is happening with her man, but doesn’t dare open the door to what she instinctively feels.

Both children, Katelynn Rodriguez as Sara and “Red Rum” poster boy Jack Dalton as Elliot, are perfectly and beautifully portraying kids in a family escaping and enjoying the holiday in a fantasy far away from whatever problems that may exist underneath.

“Escape From Tomorrow” will make you uneasy. It will chill you from the inside out. That being said go without expectations, if you can, and prepare to be stunned by this sure-to-be cult classic.

Opens this weekend Check your local listing.

Escape From Tomorrow
Director: Randy Moore Screenwriter:Randy Moore
Producers: Soojin Chung, Giola Marchese Cinematographer: Lucas Lee Graham Editor : Soojin Chung

Production Designers : Sean Kaysen, Lawrence Kim Composer: Able Korzeniowski
Sound Designer: Paul Andre’ Fonarev, David Lankton

Cast: Roy Abramsohn, Elena Schuber, Katelynn Rodriguez, Annet Mahendru, Danielle Safady, Alison Lee-Taylor

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