The Dark Side of Love

Indie Movie


July 21, 2013


Jorge Ameer is a progressive new young filmmaker. He knows what he wants and he is prolific in getting it onto the screen. He is a power to be reckoned with as a future filmmaker. Although this is a film suited for a special portion of our society, Jorge’s filmmaking style is really the subject here. His ability as a new young voice and filmmaker is the real focus. He is brave. He is clear and decisive and will not be denied his right to equal, if not privileged, expression.

This is important to notice because Jorge happens to be in a brown body. I think what is most impressive is his seemingly having no idea that someone might not take him seriously, treat him equally, or think of him as a second-class citizen. When you meet Jorge Ameer, you feel as if you are meeting a young Alfred Hitchcock or a young John Houston. Jorge Ameer simply is one of the worlds new filmmakers. That’s his attitude.

His new Indy release is “The Dark Side of Love,” a narrative that deals with the blurred lines of male sexuality. “The Dark Side of Life” discusses prostitution and the mindset of lost souls who have decided to sell themselves or buy their way into the business of carnal pleasures, in order to justify or tolerate their existence.

As is the case with most sexually aberrant situations, people can get stuck in the lower chakra (the pelvic area where our thrust to survive as a species through procreation is located). In this film Ameer examines the relationship between three young men of different sexual orientations, two of whom are brothers.

For the first half of the film we see graphic sexuality and situations of money for sex. Towards the middle of the film, as the story progresses, we begin to see a tender love story emerge between a hustler and our young leading young man, and his troubled heterosexual brother attend to the wishes of his dying parent.

The films pulls no punches and often shows us scenes on the darker side of life, that make us cringe, but none-the-less are true in many cultures. Oral sex, Voodoo, drugs, prostitution, and the hope for redemption from all of this, are the issues here.

Will this hero, the young homosexual, be the catalyst to help bring positive meaning to the lives of his brother and any of the other troubled characters in the story? Will our young man find love himself? Jorge has written a gritty romantic dramedy that shows his ability as an up and coming young filmmaker.”The Dark Side of Love,” is open today check your local listing.

XXX Rated: nudity, pornographic sexual simulation, and language. Reviewed By: Clent Bowers
*** Stars

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