‘Copenhagen’ wins Slamdance Film Festivals 2014 Audience Award

Independent Feature Film

February 7, 2014, 1:30 AM MST


“Copenhagen” is a beautiful love story with several compelling twists. Taking place primarily in the romantic city of the same name, “Copenhagen”, chronicles a young man’s journey towards answers about his troubled life.

Stars, Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, have a chemistry that emanates non-stop electric energy from the screen. Writer-Director, Mark Raso, has fashioned a tale that will both inspire and, at times, break your heart. “Copenhagen” is about the freedom to be and discover your possibilities even when situations around you try and define or limit your existence.

William, played commandingly by RADA (Royal Academy Of Dramatic Arts) graduate and star of the hit HBO series “Game Of Thrones”, Gethin Anthony, is captivating as a rebel of a young man with a cause. Locked in the circumstances of his past, William is like a caged tiger on a journey of discovery to find answers of his roots by locating his Grandfather. William discovered a letter written by his father, just recently deceased, to the grandfather William has never known. While on his quest William meets Effy, played by the beautiful Frederikke Dahl Hansen, who turns in a hauntingly compelling performance. Hansen, untrained, is a naturally gifted actor, Bodil Award winner, (Copenhagen’s Oscar) and a pure jewel. Hansen’s looks and portrayal are reminiscent of a young Ingrid Bergman. Both actors ignite the screen with their chemistry.

All facets of “Copenhagen” are stellar. Special note must be taken of cinematographer Alan Poon. Alan’s choices of lighting and texture transport the story with beautiful grace. Agatha Kasper’s music cradles you into the romantic experience that the city of Copenhagen and being in love offers. Rocio Lopez’s costumes tell the story of youth while somehow imparting an unconscious wisdom and direction towards William finding his way.

Will William find his answers? Will he transform before us from a young rebel to a young man and find compassionate understanding? “Copenhagen” is a new “old fashion” Art Film and a love story filled with heartwarming surprises you will want to share. As for it’s Stars, we want to see more from these two; A sequel perhaps?

“Copenhagen” is the Winner of Slamdance 2014 Audience Award for best narrative and for good reason. No doubt “Copenhagen” will be at a theater near you soon.

Copenhagan Trailer: http://vimeo.com/80918046

Director: Mark Raso
Writer: Mark Raso
Producer:Mauro Mueller, Daniel-Konrad Cooper, David Figueroa García Stars: Gethin Anthony, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Tamzin Merchant

Music by: Agatha Kaspar Cinematography by: Alan Poon Costume Design by: Rocio Lopez


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