‘Becoming Bulletproof’ is delightful and packs a powerful metaphor

New Indie Documentary


October 14, 2014


“Becoming Bulletproof”, is a documentary that entertains, enlightens, and lifts up high all who witness it. This new independent film is an old fashioned western that takes you both “back in the day” and forward to “new horizons”.

When the film begins we find ourselves looking in on the shooting of a scene in a western shoot-em-up. The protagonist, Bulletproof Jackson ( played by Jeremy Vest ), is dressed as a gunslinger and as a magician combined. He has his period vest, pistoled holster, magician’s top hat and coat with a plastic flower in the lapel and he is serious as can be. The set and costumes look too professional to be a student film project, yet there is something undefined about this picture. Moments later you are catapulted to the bedroom of a young adult man, in present day, still in bed and jammies. Was the western motion picture part of a dream he was having? Did we suddenly switch channels? The not too complicated answer is we are still in expositive discovery; he is waking, explaining his routine and how it connects to the story. He is one of the stars of the western movie. It is during these few moments we witness why this is such an important documentary and why the title is so powerful. We are also seeing how he discovered the Zeno Mountain Farm.

The Zeno Mountain Farm is a phenomenal film making community organization co-founded by brothers Will and Peter Halby and their wives, Vanessa and Ila Halby. This group of film makers host a summer camp where artist who are living with disabilities work together with others to create a movie. Each year the group writes a script of a different theme that the actors will star in. This is the year of the old fashioned western about a gunslinger/magician hero who is bullet proof. “Becoming Bulletproof” will profoundly entertain and also jog the senses to a new understanding about people with disabilities, and even redefine what that means to us. These talented invincible yet vulnerable young thespians have a great deal to say and no problem getting their points across.

As you watch these young actors execute their crafts, you may find yourself shamefully surprised at the limits our society at large readily assigns to individuals living, in this case thriving, with disabilities. The misunderstanding of judging the spiritual or intellectual ability of a person by their physical impairment is the phenomenon “Becoming Bulletproof” brings to the forefront. Do yourself a favor – Don’t miss it!

To learn more about the community that is “The Zeno Mountain Farm”, go to:


“Becoming Bulletproof ” will premiere at the Hollywood Film Festival Oct 16 -19 2014

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