‘Beautiful Dreamer’

a place where eternity is remembered

September 14, 2016


If you want to be riveted to your chair, eyes glued to the screen, do not miss “Beautiful Dreamer”. This sci-fi fantasy short is jammed packed with thrilling suspense and life-affirming, imaginative ideas to delight the eye and the psyche. In “Beautiful Dreamer”, we watch the dynamics of a mother who has a terminal Illness, ( played by: Lynn Cohen and Jo Armeniox), and her daughter (played by actresses, Lila Savage Taylor(3), Caroline Bednar (10), and Natalie Smith), as their relationship grows and changes within very unique circumstances ranging over eighty or more years.

Writers, Ken Liu, David Gaddie, Steven Kelleher, take us on a journey of traditional parent-child conflicts and resolutions while keeping the intrigue rubber-band tight throughout this futuristic, new-world platform. A probable life extension concept that could one day be a “real” alternative to a family member’s survival methods.

“Beautiful Dreamer” is perfection. This cast and their performances are an excellent match for the material. The production’s virtual direction and set design are of stunning quality, rare for a short film; especially in this genre. “Beautiful Dreamer” is a mind-binder of close encounters you will ponder long after the credits roll.

Director – David Gaddie Screenplay by David Gaddie, Steven KelleherOriginal Story-Ken Liu Executive Producer -Declan Baldwin, Producer-Quentin LittleAll-Star Cast: Jo Armeniox, Lila Savage Taylor, Theis Weckesser, Caroline Bednar, Joe Young, Natalie Smith, Minori Takahashi, Nick Doolan, Travis Branch, Annabel Ryan, Theo Ryan, and Lynn Cohen


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