‘Bar America’ – a fun and timely look at creative demand and supply

New Indie Movie, comedy, drama, Festival Award Winner

February 23, 2015



“Bar America” is many things and all of them good. It is a story about spontaneous creation and collaboration between like minds and the purity and joy one has in creating something of value for others. Anyone who has ever had a good Idea and developed it with a partner and best friend or family member knows this story. “Bar America” does not miss a beat in the telling. In fact, without a needed spoiler alert, it holds an innate resolution so profoundly simple it is a wonder most creative teams miss it.

Success on the Internet, the new frontier for entertainment, is still developing as Cable TV once was. Here commercial revenue is being made by the number of people clicking and watching content. When two best buds generate a million hits on there home spun web series they are challenged by the possibilities of wealth and fame and the people who … help them. That is what makes “Bar America” a creative mind’s must.

Chris Candy ( Neuz Pollution radio show and son of John Candy), playing Charles; and Dustin Ingram (‘Paranormal Activity3’..), playing Hank… have amazing chemistry together. “Bar America” unfolds deliciously in each well crafted scene. There are moments we can actually see the unspoken heart-source that gives birth to Hank’s creative ideas. “Bar America” examines the typical challenges and obstacles that often destroy the fruition of the pair’s creation toward monetary success. Ill intentions of “good-deed-doers” often hinder the joy and healing relief good creations might bring.

Overall, “Bar America” coveys the feelings of the every-man, or woman who enjoy their local neighborhood hangout for a stimulating commiserating evening. As it permeates the audience most theater goers will say, “I know a place like that.. love it!” While those who haven’t may say, “I’d really love to find a place like that”.

A pure delight, “Bar America ” won the Nappa Vally Film Festival 2014 Audience Award. and the 2014 Catalina Film Festival Official Selection. To learn more about “Bar America”visit: http://www.baramericamovie.com/

Rated: PG
Director: Matthew Jacobs
Writers: Matthew Jacobs, Chad Jenkins (story), Stuart Thomas Stars: Michele Boyd, Chris Candy, Dustin Ingram |

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