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‘Warfighter’ Navy Seal Struggles Through PTSD

written By: Clent Bowers      “Warfighter,” The New Indie film by Writer/Director, Jerry  G. Angelo, chronicles the journey of a Navy Seal’s experience through PTSD, is nothing short of a miracle.   It is a roller-coaster ride of tension, emotion, horror, and passion with a Hitchcockian mystery ending that will haunt you for many days to follow.   Tragically beautiful, Warfighter lies somewhere between reality, a…

Prime Connections

The Meaning Of Life

Written for CBR by  Keeland Bowers The Meaning of Life, directed and written by Cat Hostick, is an artistic portrayal of the tenacity of the human spirit.   Not only is this film unapologetic in its ability to tug at the heartstrings, but it plays on the idea of what it means to live life to…

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