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Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Actor Profile AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES February 7, 2014 Mr Phillip Seymour Hoffman, a beloved favorite as a person and an actor, leaves behind a loving family and a multitude of friends and fans. Mr Hoffman also carries away with him the characters of the loveable, odd and somewhat troubled family…


The Dark Side of Love

Indie Movie AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES July 21, 2013 Rating: Jorge Ameer is a progressive new young filmmaker. He knows what he wants and he is prolific in getting it onto the screen. He is a power to be reckoned with as a future filmmaker. Although this is a film suited…


‘This is the End’ is a very funny movie

Comedy in the vein of “Shawn of the Dead” AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES June 17, 2013 Rating: Not since “Shawn and Juan of the Dead,” has a comedy horror film been worth it’s salt! Finally a high rating to a team of writers and performers who have made a horror film…


Who is ‘Josephine Doe’ – Dances With Films XIX

New Indie Film, Comedy-Drama, Mental Health Struggles, Human Interest Story AXS ENTERTAINMENT / ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / MOVIES June 22, 2016 Rating: Rarely do we see black and white in the digital age. So when a film such as “Josephine Doe” utilizes the lack of color to advance the narrative, it is refreshing and artistically…

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